SPS Punching Machine

The SPS Punching Machine consists of up to three punching stations with an automatic material handling system between the stations and the module input/output. Punch and dies of alternative designs can be used in the machine for punching to a variety of shapes and sizes with options for alignment of the material to the cutting parts. The modular construction enables the integration of other processes with the punching module by using a handling system between modules.

Specification – SPS Punching Machine

- Separate ID and OD punch and dies available
- Automatic material transfer between ID and OD
- Manual alignment on automatic rotary turntable
- Improved optical focus on data edge for stamper centring
- Touch screen control
- Larger clamping area for optimum focus level during alignment


- An optional second ID station with ID punch and die means two ID sizes can be punched in one machine. This reduces the need for multi-punching and improves eccentricity results by centring and punching only once.
- Add automatic centring and punching of the stamper ID with a measured centring value. This provides the optimum eccentricity results for high density stampers and saves operator time at the machine.
- An in-line handling system automates the SPS Finisher with the SPS Punch. The process is controlled and productivity is improved as punching and finishing is fully automated.
- Automatic optics adjustment to the alignment band, Auto focus, ID or OD alignment.
- Stamper card bar code reader
- LAN connection
- Multi-Stamper Handling

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SPS Punching Machine