About Us

Before we tell more about us - you probably have very limited time, so please feel free to simply call or email directly.  You’ll find we’re a friendly team and would very much like to hear about your bespoke process machinery requirements.  Whether you are an existing or new customer and either from within or outside our core industry sectors, we’d love to hear from you.

With Sibert it’s straight forward, so let’s explain more about what we do and how we have grown to offer a complete package of design and manufacture within precision engineering.

Since its incorporation in 1987, Sibert Instruments Ltd. has been in the business of special purpose machinery.  Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, this equipment has typically been for the Optical Disc, Vinyl, Carbon Fibre, Diagnostic and Research sectors.

One example of world-wide market leading equipment is our special purpose mastering equipment, specifically relating to the processes of stamper preparation for Optical Disc and Vinyl manufacture.  And originating from EMI’s Vinyl manufacturing requirements in the early eighties, Sibert has now evolved through into the 21st century with successful research, development and supply of sub-micron precision machinery used by Sony & Technicolor.  Typically, this has been with equipment solutions ranging from manually driven stand-alone units, to system linked, fully automatic platforms used for the manufacture of CD’s, DVD’s and HD formats, including Blu-ray and UHD (Ultra High Definition and more recently 4K).

Today, what seems to be on everyone’s mind is the resurgence of Vinyl! Consumers are wanting a complete and more immersive experience of listening to music again.  Naturally Sibert, with its origins in this sector, has responded.  And by utilising over 30 years of sector knowledge into a new line of high-precision stamper processing machinery, we are ideally placed to support these industry demands with high quality, modernised equipment.

Separate to special purpose machinery, another key part to our business is supplying world-leading industrial displays, manufactured by Siebert Group, as well as key products to the renewable-energy sector, which are typically used for domestic energy diversion.

So, if your enquiry is for special purpose precision machinery within any application that requires an experienced and detailed approach, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.