About Us

Sibert is a company firmly established in the design, development and manufacture of special purpose machinery as well as the procurement and supply of key products to the renewable-energy manufacturing and installation sectors. Sibert began as a family business in Surrey over 30 years ago. Our International HQ is now based in Hampshire, UK.

Legacy engineering design and automation processes within the Optical Disc industry include the back finishing, trimming and punching of materials. These are combined with automation, material handling, optical and measurement technologies to improve reliability, control and productivity. Sibert’s design and technology experience enables us to work with customers to develop equipment specific to their industry and application needs.

Sibert’s ethos is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction. This is achieved by thorough after-sales support including commissioning, training, service, process-consumables and spare parts. Sibert is the leader in the world market of stamper preparation equipment for the optical disc manufacturing industry, particularly BD (Blu-ray Disc), DVD and CD.

Sibert’s design and manufacturing expertise lies within the Optical Disc Industry. However, we are continuously growing and developing into new markets too. These currently include the Photovoltaic industry, the Defence sector, bespoke Packaging applications and Industrial spares & consumables.

Specific to our growth in the Renewables market, and particularly for the Solar Photovoltaic sector, our Sibert Solar range of products has been carefully selected and developed to provide our customer-base with productive, yet cost-effective procurement solutions. Products are used in the fabrication of Solar PV cells and modules as well as within the practical installation processes downstream.