Series SX602

Alphanumeric Large Size Displays

Presentation of information over long up to very long distances, visualization of process data, operator guidance in plain language - these are typical applications for the alphanumeric large size displays of the SX602 series.

One of the advantages of the units is their elegant and comfortable parameterization per menu. For the Ethernet versions also the network parameters are set in the menu (IP-address, standard gateway and Subnet mask). External aids are not required, and afterwards the units can already be accessed via network.

Dynamic texts are sent to the display online. Furthermore, the units are equipped with an internal text memory. These texts are called via an address (fixed texts). In both text types variables can be shown. Texts which contain more characters than can be presented in the display are automatically presented in paging mode. In addition, longer texts can be displayed as marquee text. Bargraph presentation is also possible.

The units feature a real- time clock with date and weekday. Current time and current date can be inserted into a text with control commands.

Pixel-optimized character sets with different character heights and attributes, among them also proportional lettering, are available. The software "DisplayManager" is included in the delivery of the displays. It serves for creating and saving individual characters, symbols, and whole character sets as well as creation and administration of texts.

  • Multifunctional text display for reading distances up to 120 meters
  • Standard fixed text memory
  • Character height 50 mm: 20 and 40 characters
  • Character height 100 mm: 10 and 20 characters
  • Character height 160 mm: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 characters
  • Character height 250 mm: 4, 6 and 8 characters
  • LED red, green, white, blue, amber, further colors on request
  • Interfaces: Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Modbus, serial, parallel, Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Extremely bright SuperBright LEDs for outdoor use
  • Different kinds of presentation: marquee text, paging, blinking, bargraph, etc.
  • Presentation types can vary within a line
  • Convenient control with an optimized and ergonomic command set
  • Different character sets and text formatting, among others proportional lettering
  • Setup menu for setting parameters and operating modes
  • Protection type IP54 and IP65
  • Equipment packages for outdoor applications
  • Unit versions readable from one or both sides
  • Downloadable/uploadable fonts and character sets
  • Individually customizable special characters and character sets
    Siebert SX602 Brochure


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    Series SX602