SCM - Slitting & Chopping Machine

The SCM – Slitting & Chopping Machine consists of two main cutting sections working in conjunction with an automated feed and guidance mechanism. This machine is designed to process composite flat tape into pre-specified section widths and lengths. The modular construction enables integration within existing production lines and panel controls for both operators and technicians are easy to access.   As well as offering ease of maintenance and quick change on both cutting head disciplines for reduced down-time, the tooling can be specified in a variety of sizes to meet customer demands.

Specification – SCM Slitting & Chopping Machine

  • Separated cutting processes for increased accuracy
  • Automatic feed & guidance
  • Reversible cutting tools for increased lifetime
  • Quick tool change facility
  • Adjustable cut width and length
  • Sensor controlled cutting action
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Air purge cleaning
  • Data logging facility

SCM Technical Specification