Series SX402

Text Displays

Visualization of processes, user guidance in plain text, automation and control – these are typical applications for alphanumeric displays of the SX402 series.

Devices displaying 2 x 20 and 2 x 40 characters are offered with different character heights. Active bright vacuum fluorescent displays provide an excellent and high-contrast display even at adverse lighting conditions.

Static texts can be stored in the integrated text memory and are called via an address. A PC tool for convenient copywriting is included in the delivery.

Longer texts are written automatically across all lines and paged in the display. If you want the lines to contain independent texts, they can be controlled selectively.

  • Programmable text displays
  • 2 x 20 and 4 x 20 characters
    with 5 mm character height
  • 2 x 20 characters with 9 mm character height
  • 2 x 40 characters with 4,7 mm character height
  • Interfaces: Profibus, Modbus,
    Ethernet, serial, parallel
  • Brilliant vacuum fluorescent display
  • Comfortable setting of all modes
    and parameters via menu
  • Minimal installation depth 66 mm

      Siebert SX402 Brochure


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      Series SX402