Series S302/SX302

Numeric and Alphanumeric Large Size Displays

Presentation of information over long distances, visualization of process data - these are typical applications for the large size displays of the S302/SX302 series. The S302/SX302 series represents an universal standard program of numeric and alphanumeric large size displays.

Technical perfection and innovative details are the special characteristics of the devices. The versions for time and date display dispose of a separate temperature sensor.

Depending on the version, the devices can display up to eight characters and are available in character heights of 25, 57, 100, 160 and 250 mm (numerical) as well as 50 and 100 mm (alphanumerical). Numerical displays can be delivered optionally with dimension characters. All devices are available optionally with double-sided display. They display the same information on front and rear side and dispose of eyelets for hanging installation.

For outdoor applications the units are offered with extremely bright shining SuperBright LEDs. For a day/night switch brightness also can be reduced. In addition, for outdoor applications special equipment packages are available. Among other things they include weather-proof varnishing, protective weather cover, temperature-controlled heating etc.

A particular advantage of the unit is the comfortable parameterization in a menu. For numerical units, the internal menu display shows the same information as the main display - a big advantage when putting it into operation. For Ethernet versions, also the network parameters are set in the menu (IP address, standard gateway and Subnet mask). External auxiliaries are not required, and afterwards, the units can already be accessed via the network.

The S302/SX302 series has a consistent modular design. It features solid housings made of either sheet steel or stainless steel, both of which stand out thanks to their appealing design and high level of functionality. The front frame can be swiveled and features quick-action releases. After the units have been opened, the connecting terminals as well as all electronic components can easily be accessed.

  • Numerical and alphanumerical large size displays
  • Number of digits: 1 to 8, timer 2 to 4,
    date/day 4 or 6
  • Character heights: numerical 25, 57, 100, 160 and 250 mm, alphanumeric 50 and 100 mm
  • Displays with dimension symbols
  • LED red, green, white, blue, amber, further colors on request
  • Interfaces: Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Modbus, serial, parallel, analog, Ethernet TCP/IP, counting pulse, timer, date/time/temperature
  • Extremely bright SuperBright LEDs for outdoor use
  • Setup menu for setting parameters and operating modes
  • Internal second display
  • Protection type IP54 and IP65
  • Equipment packages for outdoor applications
  • Unit versions readable from one or both sides
Siebert S302/SX302 Brochure


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Series S302/SX302