Vinyl Stamper Punch (VSP)

VSP – Vinyl Stamper Punch

Since the early seventies Sibert Instruments have been leaders in the manufacture of equipment for Stamper Punching and Back Finishing for both the Vinyl Record industry and subsequently the Optical Disc Industry, right up to the more recent Blu-Ray format.

For some years now, Vinyl records have seen a marked resurgence, with dramatic increases in demand prompting enquiries for more modern equipment to meet increasing production demands.

Sibert has subsequently taken the step to design and manufacture a completely new range of stamper preparation equipment for new or existing companies involved in the mastering and pressing of Vinyl records.

Starting with the VSP – Vinyl Stamper Punch, now available for order, Sibert have utilised modern build techniques and updated components to provide increased flexibility for customer operation, as well as maintaining industry proven technology. This includes simplicity of usage and drawing on the company’s many years of stamper punching know-how.

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VSP Technical Specification Overview

Vinyl Stamper Punch (VSP)