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Siebert Public Display Solutions

Solar energy made visible

Siebert Solar digital displays make the solar PV system investment and its performance instantly visible – in the foyer, the entrance hall or even outdoors, providing key information about the installed system at a glance.  For photovoltaic systems installed in public buildings or commercial facilities, this visualization of performance greatly helps to demonstrate the purpose and ecological benefits of the end-client's investment.

Siebert Solar's wide range of display solutions offer a variety of SMD LCD configurations, colours and sizes.  Customised facias are available to show client or installer-specific images or logos.  Made to a very high standard, using high quality glass and stainless steel, these units are simply the best hard-wired solutions available in the marketplace right now.

Although typically hard-wired and driven from the S0 pulsed output of the kWh generation meter, additional communications options are also available including Ethernet, Bluetooth and RS485/RS232.

Available in a range of styles & sizes, for indoor or outdoor use.

Siebert Public Displays for the Photovoltaic Industry

Display Configurator Manual

XC445 / XC455 Flyer

XC480 Flyer