Stabilant 22 Contact Enhancer

Stabilant 22 Contact Enhancer

The world's first resident electronic contact enhancer. Unlike cleaners, this is a resident material because, once applied to the contacts, it's left in place to work for the life of the equipment. In place, this liquid polymeric non-polad semiconductor selectively switches-on between the mating surfaces of each of the individual contacts, staying non-conductive between adjacent contacts. An entire connector can be treated at once!

Everyone in electronics service knows just how vulnerable the best designed units are to connectivity problems and how these can result in nightmare intermittent connection faults. By using Stabilant 22 on contacts throughout a system, contact faults and the majority of failures can be virtually eliminated.

This is why a growing number of major electronics companies are now using Stabilant 22. They've found that it simplifies servicing: saves time, and money; eliminates most service-recalls, and results in bankable customer satisfaction. To keep it simple, the use of Stabilant 22 on an electro-mechanical contact can give the reliability of a soldered joint without forming a physical bond.

Key Features:

  • Selectively Conductive whilst increasing contact area
  • High detergency action to lift off most thin-film or corrosion products from the contact surface and hold them in suspension
  • Effective lubricant - prevent abrasion damage to contact surface, enhancing the wipe action of switches
  • Chemically stable with very low vapour pressure
  • Very easy to apply - a single drop can be finger-smeared along a card-edge connector row or a swab or brush can be used

Available as a very popular 15ml service kit containing a 15ml dropper bottle, five swabs and instructions for use, all in an end-capped tube that can easily be kept in a tool box, for example.  Larger sizes and concentrates are available.

Stabilant 22 can be used on virtually every electro-mechanical contact with the exception of inductive-load breaking contacts that produce strong contact arcing.  It is presently used in many different applications including the below:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Astronomical electronics
  • Automotive components
  • Avionics
  • Commercial sound systems
  • Cellular telephones
  • Computing equipment
  • Gasoline, diesel and jet-engine systems
  • Home audio/visual systems
  • Marine navigation systems
  • Oil & gas well bore-hole monitoring equipment
  • Security & alarm systems
  • Sonar equipment
  • Recording studios
  • Transportation equipment

Stabilant 22 Product Overview

Stabilant 22 MSDS

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