SPS Finishing Machine

The SPS Finishing Machine combines a programmable XY finishing head with a wet process and turntable, it is upgradeable to become fully automated. This enables users to consistently finish different grades and sizes of materials with effective particle removal and low maintenance to a wide range of roughness values. The module can be combined with other parts of the SPS system for cost effective automation and to introduce greater control over the preparation process.

Specification – SPS Finishing Module

- Wet Finishing system
- X/Y finishing head to produce fully variable patterns and diameters
- Programmable finishing parameters to allow maximum flexibility
- Fully automatic stamper & turntable/head cleaning and drying
- Windows PC driven with networked data and data integration
- Touch screen user interface
- Automatic water level/filter change indicators


- Automatic abrasive handling
- Automatic material handling
- Attachment of measurement instruments
- Multi-Stamper Handling

SPS Finisher & Upgrade Options

Key Points - SPS Finishing BD Production

SPS Finishing

SPS Finishing Module

SPS Workflow Processing Routine

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