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SPSLT Finishing Machine

The SPSLT equipment range consists of separate modules to be used stand-alone.   

The SPSLT Finishing Module is equipped with a Stamper input station for manual loading.  From here the Stamper is automatically positioned within the process chamber for rear-side finishing. The complete operation is facilitated by the aid of touch-screen technology.

Specification – SPSLT Finishing Module

- Wet Finishing system
- X/Y finishing head to produce fully variable patterns and diameters
- Programmable finishing parameters to allow maximum flexibility
- Ra 0.03 achievable across entire data area
- Fully automatic stamper & turntable/head cleaning and drying
- Windows PC driven with networked data and data integration
- Touch-screen user interface


- Additional workstation
- Auto Disc Handling x4
- Auto Disc Handling x8
- Multi Stamper Handling

SPSLT - Finishing Module Tech. Overview

SPSLT - Finishing Module Upgrade Options

SPSLT - Finishing Module PM Overview

SPSLT Finishing Machine