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The SolarFlash™ slate flashing kit from Genius Roofing Solutions is designed to create a waterproof solution to refitting slates/tiles around the bracket. The existing method of dressing a flashing material around the bracket is fundamentally flawed. This is because (without specialist equipment) the flashing material is in contact with the bracket, which is a movable projection from the roof. This bracket must be allowed to move. By dressing lead around the bracket, any movement in the bracket will cause movement in the lead. As the lead is interwoven with the slates/tiles, there is a potential for the lead to damage/crack the slates.

SolarFlash™ Installation Video

SolarFlash™ Presentation Video

The SolarFlash™ system includes a slate fixing hook; the Hallhook™, which is necessary to secure the final slates into position. The system does not include the bracket, and whilst work is carried out with bracket manufacturers to improve product design, we can only recommend that in order to enable a waterproof finish to the installation, the ‘elbow’ of the bracket for slate roofs is no less than 40mm - however shims can be used for 30mm elbows (30mm in Scotland, as slates fixed to sark boards). Without this clearance from the rafter, the bracket may make contact with the roofing material and/or not allow sufficient room for the slates to be refitted under the bracket.

The release of MCS 012 addresses the issues of weather tightness and requires full testing of the flashing kit in conjunction with the mounting kit.
The guidelines state PV and integrated systems should not adversely affect the weather tightness of the structure to which they are fitted. The system should be designed and installed to ensure this is maintained for the life of the system.
SolarFlash™ fully complies with MCS 012 and ensures suitable clearance and weather tightness are maintained. Shims (packing) are provided to ensure you can achieve the correct clearance with your bracket.

Important Points when Using SolarFlash™ with slates:

  • Bracket elbow widths should be at least 30mm to enable the bracket to clear the roofing material
  • Installers frequently attempt to flash an area larger than necessary. The course of slates beneath the fixed bracket must be replaced, thereby only requiring a small hole (where the elbow of the bracket protrudes) to be flashed - this is then covered by the SolarFlash™
  • Any flashing material should not be in contact with the bracket when interwoven with the roofing material as the bracket is a moveable projection from the roof and has to be allowed to move without causing potential damage to
    the roofing material. SolarFlash™ is designed to give clearance around the bracket, thereby allowing inevitable bracket movement
  • Fitting the final slates into position must be done using a mechanical fixing per MCS012. A lead tingle/blob of silicone does not stand up as a long term repair

SolarFlash Overview

SolarFlash Instruction Booklet