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Silicone RTV Sealant

With one-component RTV silicone rubber compounds, work can begin as soon as the product is ejected from its tube or cartridge. These products become elastic rubbers after curing, and adhere well to almost all materials as they cure. These properties make one-component RTV silicone rubbers suitable for a wide range of applications especially the sealing of PV junction boxes to the rear-side of PV modules.

  • Excellent electrical properties, in terms of volume resistivity and the ability to withstand high voltages
  • Wide temperature range from -40C to +180C
  • Excellent rubber elasticity to withstand shock and absorb vibration
  • One-component RTV rubbers exhibit almost zero degradation when exposed to the outdoor elements for long periods, with outstanding resitance to UV, Ozone and moisture
Silicone RTV Sealant