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Silicone RTV Potting Compound

A two-component RTV silicone rubber compounds cures by adding a specified amount of a curing agent to the base compound. Like one-component RTV rubbers, two-component RTV rubbers have outstanding electrical properties and resistance to heat and cold, while also offering improved deep-section curability and storage stability.  These products are specially designed for the potting of amorphous PV module junction boxes.

Properties identical to those of one-component RTV rubbers including electrical, heat/cold, shock, vibration, curing characteristics etc., as well as:

  • Consistent deep-section curability - uniform curing reaction throughout regardless of thickness
  • Adjustable cure-time by varying the curing agent type/quantity and/or temperature
  • Base compound and curing agent are separately stored so shelf-life is extended for very long periods
Silicone RTV Potting Compound