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Sibert EMS (Export Management System)

UK grid network capacity for feed-in energy produced by a Solar PV installation is becoming more and more of an concern, with some G59/3 applications even being refused completely by the DNO responsible.

In other areas, grid saturation constraints lead to a stipulated maximum reverse power limit imposed by the DNO, which is often far less than the peak theoretical limit that the Solar PV array can produce.

Historical solutions to overcome these export limitations were focused primarily on basic electro-mechanical shut-down of part or all of the Solar PV inverter bank - not ideal as the generation/yield of the system is potentially severely compromised.

Sibert Solar has developed a solution that combines the inherent power-management capabilities of the Solar-Log monitoring platform as well as providing a fail-safe backup should the control system fail or cease to be effective.

This solution is Sibert's Solar EMS (Export Management System) which is a standardised, yet scalable solution to provide dynamic, closed-loop power management control over the inverter bank, suitable for up to 2MWp size arrays. 

If you would like to learn more about this solution or have a specific project where you feel it may be beneficial, then please feel free to contact us and/or fill out and return the below NDA so we can release more detailed information to you.

Image of a 100kWp installation with 11kW export limitation.

Red - Facility's total consumption

Green - Generation from PV

Yellow - Feed-in/export (never more than 11kW above consumption)


EMS Flyer

Sibert Solar NDA

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