Seaward Solar PowerClamp

As a new addition to the excellent Seaward Solar range of test and compliance measurement products, the Solar Power Clamp provides the Solar PV installer with the facility to perform power and analysis measurements on AC & DC systems.

The Solar Power Clamp can be used when installing a PV system to ensure that the inverter is operating correctly, or for maintenance and troubleshooting on the PV system after commissioning.  If a PV system isn't generating the expected level of power under known irradiance and temperature conditions, this may indicate a fault with one or more components in the system.

Similarly, the presence of harmonics on the AC output of an inverter may indicate a fault within the inverter.  In addition to power and efficiency measurements, the harmonic analysis function of the Solar Power Clamp can be used as a means of detecting faults within the inverter.

Key Features: 

  • High performance instrument for measuring AC & DC power
  • Includes MC4 test leads for DC power measurements (others available too)
  • Power Factor measuremen and harmonic analysis up to 25th harmonic for inverter performance analysis
  • Rugged, robust and handheld, with backlit display and inbuilt torch

Kit Includes:

  • Seaward Solar Power Clamp
  • 2x MC4 - 4mm2 test leads
  • Test lead, red, with test probe
  • Test lead, black, with test probe
  • Carry case
  • Quick start guide

Seaward Solar PowerClamp Datasheet