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RCDs - Type-A

These RCDs are for use in sinusoidal 50Hz supplies containing "Pulsed DC" e.g. the DC pulse touches or crosses zero between two pulses.  The two and four pole ranges extend from 16A to 125A in all the standard sensitivity settings from 10mA to 500mA.  Many variants are available including time delay, surge resistant, remote trip control amongst others.  All Doepke RCDs are manufactured to BSEN 61008.

Each unit has a contact position indicator, in addition to a reset position, which shows whether the device has been switched off manually or tripped due to a fault. The devices accept both pin and fork busbar, the pin terminal having a maximum cross-section of 50mm. These RCDs also have a facility to accept a circuit identification label behind a clear plastic window on the front of the unit.

If you cannot find the particular variant you are looking for then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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