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Sibert Solar can support a wide range of RCBO devices from our primary supply partner Doepke

The single module RCBO is an electronic unit rated at 10kA designed specifically for fitting into consumer units (plastic and metal) and distribution boards to give earth leakage protection to an individual circuit.

The two and four module RCBO’s, rated at 10kA have flag indicators to show the position of the contacts, they also have terminals capable of accepting 25mm² cable. Busbar connections to the two or four module din rail mounted units are both fork and pin. The 4 pole RCBOs respond to both AC and pulsating DC residual currents.

Other RCBO devices are also available such as the "KV" range, which are more typically used where Surge Protective Devices are also present.  Applications for these exist within the EVC (Electric Vehicle Charger) arena, for example.

As a relatively new product addition to the range, 2P and 4P RCBOs are also now available as Type-A or Type-B (DC sensitive) devices.

Doepke RCBOs Overview