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MCS Toolkits (TMPV range)

For MCS training purposes, or for those already installing Solar PV systems, these 4 different tool-kit configurations provide the engineer with everything they need to pass the MCS training assessment or to provide a professional service to the client.

The standard for each kit is the TM206 Solar Irradiance meter, which is an essential device for determining the optimum angle of inclination for a solar panel.  Simply point the TM206 at the sun and the level of irradiance is shown on the LCD display screen.

The MC4 crimp tool provided in Kit #2, Kit #3 & Kit#4 is the perfect tool for ensuring the correct fitting of the MC4 type connectors commonly found in Solar PV installations.  Suitable for male or female connectors, with 2.5mm2, 4.0mm2 or 6.0mm2 wire/terminal sizes.

Kit #1, Kit #3 & Kit#4 also include the Metrel MD9230 AC/DC Current Clamp meter that allows you to continually monitor the level of electrical current that your solar photovoltaic system is producing.  Kit #3 & Kit#4 also include a selection of solar warning labels (36labels, 2 packs in Kit#4).

The addition of a IR Thermometer, MC3 die-set, MC3 assembly-tool, MC4 spanners and Digital Protractor contained in Kit#4 results in this particular kit being the "Ultimate" Solar PV MCS Toolkit currently available in the market.

Each kit comes supplied in a rugged carry-case lined with pre-cut foam inserts.

  • PV10-T10 - Kit #1 Solar Toolkit containing SI Meter, Clamp Meter, Solar Warning Labels (1 pack) and carry-case.
  • PV10-T11 - Kit #2 Solar Toolkit containing SI Meter, MC4 Crimp Tool, MC4 Spanners, Solar Warning Labels (1 pack) and carry-case.
  • PV10-T12 - Kit #3 Solar Toolkit containing SI Meter, Clamp Meter, MC4 Crimp Tool, MC4 Spanners, Solar Warning Labels (2 packs) and carry-case.
  • PV10-T15 - Kit #4 Solar Toolkit containing SI Meter, Clamp Meter, MC4 Crimp Tool, Solar Warning Labels (2 packs), Digital Protractor, MC4 Spanners, MC3 Die-set, MC3 Assembly Tool, IR Thermometer and carry-case

TMPV Toolkits Overview