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DC Disconnectors - IMO

Manufactured by a well-established brand-leader, this range of (TRUE) DC disconnectors incorporates a number of key factors that differentiate these products from others often being used within the PV/Solar installation marketplace.

  • Operator independent trigger ratchet switching mechanism - resulting in switching times of less than 5ms, REGARDLESS of how quickly the operator turns the rotary handle.  This switching design ensures that there is zero risk of excessive arcing by moving the rotary handle too slowly. 
  • High reliability knife-edge contacts that "slide" apart - as oppose to moving apart in a 180degree plane
  • Long arc-cooling chambers
  • DC2*B compliant construction - for resistive (DC21B) and resistive/inductive (DC22B) loads and also for short-circuit endurance (not so for DC2*A rated products)
  • 2-pole means 2-pole - no jumper wires or bars required.
  • 4-pole means 4-pole - no jumper wires or bars required.  2 separate strings could be protected by a single 4-pole unit (see linked documents for wiring configuration comparisons)

These factors above, combined with the high-quality level of construction expected from an established European manufacturer, provide the safe and effective isolation of DC voltages encountered within PV/Solar installations.  For more info from the manufacturer please click here


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