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DEHNcube Type2 DC Enclosures


DEHNcube YPV SCI protects photovoltaic systems from surge damage – everywhere. The compact and flexible unit is fast to install and easy to retrofit to existing Solar PV installations.

Photovoltaic systems are exposed to different external influences. Surge damage is the most common cause of damage submitted to insurance companies. To protect PV systems from this type of damage, reliable surge protection is required. However, when installing these devices, electricians frequently face the problem that no insulating enclosure is available for a DIN rail-mounted device and the inverter does not allow the retrofit of surge protective devices.

The ideal solution: DEHNcube YPV SCI

This surge arrester is compact and easy to install and can thus be quickly and flexibly used. An additional insulating enclosure is not required. Moreover, DEHNcube YPV SCI with IP65 degree of protection can be installed in protected outdoor locations and easily retrofitted to an existing Solar PV installation.

DEHNcube YPV SCI can be used up to a maximum PV voltage UCPV ≤ 1000 V and is available in two versions (1 MPPT and 2 MPPT). The tried and tested SCI technology with integrated d.c. fuse in the short-circuit path allows DEHNcube to be used in PV systems up to ISCPV = 1000 V without additional backup fuse.

Connecting Cable Adaptors for DEHNcube:

Prewired connecting cables of type AL DCU are available as an accessory for easily and quickly connecting the SPD to the inverter by means of spring-loaded terminals without the use of tools.  The cable-ends are already stripped and the cable lengths are optimised for typical applications.

DEHNcube Single MPPT Datasheet

DEHNcube Twin MPPT Datasheet

DEHNcube Installer Guide

X-String Adaptor, 600mm

X-String Adaptor, 1000mm

Y-String Adaptor, 600mm

Y-String Adaptor, 1000mm