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Santon Domestic Firefighter's Safety Switch (DFS)

In most photovoltaic systems, the DC isolator is integrated into the DC/AC power inverter.  After switching off the DC isolator, the cables between the DC solar modules and DC/AC power inverter running through the building are still subject to up to 1000 V DC.  In the event of a fire, firefighters are exposed to a very serious source of potential danger.

The Santon Domestic Firefighter Safety Switch (DFS) provides the solution. It directly disconnects the DC current in close proximity to the solar modules and creates a safer situation for firefighters.

  • Robust Enclosure - IP65 watertight, UV resistant, designed for optimal swith access and ease of installation
  • Safety Seal - Possible placement of safety seal for controlled maintenance
  • Motor-Driven X-Type Switch - Santon's reliable X-Type switch, disconnection within 3mS, minimal arc, maximum lifetime
  • Mechanical Position Indicator - Visual feedback of the switch position (Green/Off, Red/On)
  • Temperature Sensor - The DFS will automatically switch to the off position in case the temperature rises above 100C
  • Power Supply (UPS) - Power supply unit for remotely operating the switch
  • Power Connection - AC power connection for charging the power backup and for optional integration with a fire alarm system
  • Pressure Equalising Valve - Avoids condensation inside the enclosure and ensures maximum endurance and lifetime
  • Knock-Outs - The DFS is supplied with 10*12mm knockouts
  • Cable Glands or MC4 Connectors - The DFS can be ordered pre-wired with MC4 connectors or with separately delivered M12 cable glands

Ratings according to IEC 60947-1 -3 DC21B:

  • 16A @ 1000vdc
  • 20A @ 850vdc
  • 25A @ 800vdc
  • 32A @ 650vdc


  • DFS-1 - 1 String, 2 Poles, knock-outs
  • DFS-1-W - 1 String, 2 Poles, 5*M12 Cable Glands
  • DFS-1-MC4 - 1 String, 2 Poles, pre-wired with 4*MC4 connectors and 1*M12 Cable Gland for AC
  • DFS-14 - 2 Strings, 4 Poles, knock-outs
  • DFS-14-W - 2 Strings, 4 Poles, 9*M12 Cable Glands
  • DFS-14-MC4 - 2 Strings, 4 Poles, pre-wired with 8*MC4 connectors and 1*M12 Cable Gland for AC

Santon Domestic Firefighter Safety Switch Datasheet