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Afore 1ph Inverters

Sibert Solar can now provide this excellent value range of single-phase string inverters from Afore Energy

AFORE is an international PV enterprise with headquarters in the PV hi-tech centre of Shanghai, China. Afore is dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of solar PV inverters and provide the perfect power conversion and control solution for solar power generation installations. Afore has a first-class production equipment and international R&D team. Their core business is to provide various high-quality and reliable grid-tied solar inverters and energy system solutions to meet the consistently increasing needs of the global energy market.

Their newly designed PV Inverter features full load high efficiency, high reliability and a user-friendly interface. The conversion efficiency of the Afore range of inverters reaches 97%. A user-friendly installation & interface, professional industrial design and a 10 year warranty, give the Afore inverter family a very competitive edge and offer an excellent value solution.


  • Transformerless design topology
  • Easy-fit, plug-in connectivity for DC and AC termination
  • IP65 protection allows for outdoor installation
  • Full digital control, intelligent self protection
  • User-friendly, LED/LCD display
  • UK stock and technical support


  • 10yr warranty as standard
  • Island protection
  • Enhanced DSP control system
  • Compact format, advanced thermal design (no fan)
  • Sealed stainless steel enclosure for outdoor installation
  • Enhanced temperature range from -20C to 55C
  • Ground-fault circuit & interrupter protection

High Efficiency:

  • Max. efficiency of 97% (EU 96%)
  • >99.9% MPPT efficiency
  • Single or dual-MPPT versions available

Afore Single MPPT 1phase Inverter Datasheet

Afore Dual MPPT 1phase Inverter Datasheet

Afore G83 Cert

Afore G59 Cert