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DC Disconnectors - Santon

The Santon SILIOS D safety switch disconnector combines Santon's excellent pedigree in high-rated, true DC disconnector switch contact design (Silios) with a new aesthetic format that provides IP65 protection and comes with or without M16 cable glands pre-fitted.

Available in a range of 2 and 4 pole units, rated for 16A to 32A and 750VDC to 1000VDC (DC21), these units are extremely durable, functional and ideal for load-breaking high DC current/voltages.

Key Features:

  • Robust IP65 ABS housing
  • Lid removable in off position only
  • Handle padlockable in off position only
  • Durable safety seal
  • Anti-condensation release valve feature
  • X-type switch contact block
  • Switch disconnection within 3ms
  • Self-cleaning blade wiping contacts
  • 2 and 4-pole variants
  • Up to 8 M16 cable glands can be fitted/available
  • Black or Red handles available
  • IEC 60947-1/3 certified

Ideal for your Solar PV installation requirements where safety and security are paramount concerns when dealing with DC current and voltages.

Santon Silios-D Brochure