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SPSLT Punching Machine

The SPSLT equipment range consists of separate modules to be used stand-alone.

The SPSLT Punching Module is loaded with a Stamper directly onto the 4-part tooling ready for manual alignment and ID punching.  The punched ID Stamper is then moved to the OD punch station ready for processing.  The complete operation is facilitated by the aid of touch-screen technology.

Specification – SPSLT Punching Module

- Separate ID and OD punch and dies improve hole size, shape and stamper flatness
- Manual stamper handling between ID and OD
- Manual centring on automatic rotary turntable
- Improved optical focus on data edge for stamper centring
- Touch-screen user interface
- Larger stamper clamping area for optimum focus level during alignment


- An optional second ID station with ID punch and die means two ID sizes can be punched in one machine.  This reduces the need for multi-punching and improves eccentricity results by centring and punching only once

SPSLT - Punching Module Tech. Overview

SPSLT - Punching Module Upgrade Options

SPSLT - Punching Module PM Overview

SPSLT Punching Machine